The Meltdown 3.165

This week I have new music from the Huntingtons, The Third Project, What’s Your Damage, and Left Neglect.

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The Meltdown 3.164

This week I have new music from Left Neglect, plus tracks from Roadside Monument, Don Caballero, Elephant Gym, and more.

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The Meltdown 3.163

This week we’re celebrating albums that turn 20 in 2020.

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The Meltdown 3.162

This week I’m counting down my 30 favorite releases from 2019.

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Favorite Releases of 2019

It’s that time of year again! Time to reflect on the great music released this year! I chose to call this my favorite releases because a) best of is relative and b) not all of these are albums. We have some ep’s and 7″ records that make up my favorite releases of this year. So let’s go!

Honorable mentions:
Refused – War Music
Shin Guard – 2020
As Cities Burn – Scream Through The Walls
Palamino – Palamino
Parkway & Columbia – Wanderer
Reveries / Chalk Hands / Okänt – split ep
Starflyer 59 – Young In My Head
High and Dry – Headroom
Two Hands One Engine – Janice
True Blossom – Heater
Nanami Ozone – NO
Flash the Ready – Circles
Maker of the Bear – Clarity
Thrice – Deeper Wells EP
Korn – The Nothing
Slick Shoes – Broadcasting

30. Crossed Keys – Savior

29. Circle Back – Terminus

28. Spoken In Tongues – The Nail That Sticks Up Will Be Hammered Down
Punk/Indie Rock

27. Jimmy Eat World – Surviving


26. Spotlights – Love & Decay
Hard Rock/Space Rock

25. Norma Jean – All Hail


24. Zao – Decoding The Transmissions From The Möbius Strip

23. Unwed Sailor – Heavy Age
Post Rock

22. Jay Som – Anak Ko
Indie Rock/Singer Songwriter

21. Stranger Kings – Blue LP

20. Radar State – Strays
Rock and Roll

19. Queen Of Jeans – If You’re Not Afraid, I’m Not Afraid
Indie Rock

18. Field Mouse – Meaning
Indie Rock/Shoegaze

17. Mineral – One Day When We Are Young

16. The Get Up Kids- Problems

15. Surprises – Natural Disaster
Indie Rock

14. Leem Of Earth – Chapter EP’s


13. Defeater – Defeater

12. The Darling Fire – Dark Celebration
Emo/Indie Rock

11. Charly Bliss – Young Enough
Indie Rock

10. Copeland – Blushing


9. I, The Mountain – Saga

8. The Menzingers – Hello Exile

7. Cursive – Get Fixed
Emo/Indie Rock

6. Oso Oso – Basking In The Glow

5. Pedro The Lion – Phoenix
Emo/Indie Rock

4. Comrades – For We Are Not Yet, We Are Only Becoming

Post Metal/Post Rock

3. Cave In – Final Transmission
Space Rock

2. American Football – LP3

1. Brutus – Nest
Post Metal

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The Meltdown 3.161

This week I have new music from Jimmy Eat World, Cursive, Cave In, The Menzingers, and more.

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The Meltdown 3.160

This week I have music from The Juliana Theory, Roadside Monument, The Huntingtons, Dead Poetic, and more.

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