The Chariot – Wars and Rumors of War

I am going to attempt to review a handful of records that came out earlier in 2009 (mostly the ones I liked). So here we go.

The Chariot are awesome. They have done something very few bands have done, captured their pure raw energy on an album. And to be fair, on every album. Everything is Alive didn’t strike with me but Kenny Gibler from the Unsung ep was enough for me to pick up The Fiancée, which is a great album. Wars and Rumors of Wars is incredible start to finish. It is loud, heavy, chaotic, and just plain rocking. The Chariot is upfront and unashamed that although their performance might not be perfect, you will witness something raw and real. The revolving door of members that has left only Josh Scogin (ex Norma Jean) as the only original member hasn’t slowed the band down one bit and hasn’t changed their sound or furry.

The albums artwork is hand stamped, numbered, and signed by the band, which in and of itself makes it worth every penny of the $7 I paid at Best Buy for the album. From the opening scream on Teach to the final feedback on Mrs. Montgomery Alabama III the album rocks. It’s hard for me to describe how good this album is. Honestly the Chariot haven’t varied in style much but refined what the do and they do it well. Wars and Rumors of Wars is another great chaotic record from the Chariot and I think their best to date.

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