Chevelle – Sci-Fi Crimes

When I first heard Chevelle’s Point #1 I loved it. It clicked instantly. And so 10 years later they’ve released their 5th full length Sci-fi Crimes. It would be unfair to say that every record since Wonder What’s Next has been the same but I don’t think you’d be that far off target. If you buy a Chevelle record it’s because you like Chevelle. If you didn’t like the last record, you won’t like the new one. It’s a tough statement but it’s true. A Chevelle record sounds like a Chevelle record. Of course there has been a less raw, approach and more melody but Chevelle has a sound and their records sound like you’d expect Chevelle to sound like. Yes it’s mainstream radio hard rock but I still dig Chevelle and even though my listening has diminished over the last 10 years I don’t hate them.

Chevelle might not be breaking any new ground on Sci-fi Crimes but they are continuing to make good, heavy music. There’s a little more straight rock on this record, as the band had said there would be. The album contains the signature heavy riffs we’ve come to expect from Pete Loeffler (whose vocals sound as good as ever). The drums are solid, the bass adds enough, staying in the pocket and Chevelle sounds as good as they always have. The two openers, Sleep Apnea and Mexican Sun, are heavy Chevelle standards. The albums first single Jars is completely kick ass. Hearing that song got me interested in this record. Shameful Metaphors and Fell Into Your Shoes are much mellower then anything I remember Chevelle releasing. Interlewd reminds me of some throw away Smashing Pumpkins jam session. Roswell’s Spell is the album’s heaviest track. The album’s closer, The Circus, reminds me of a Blindside track (think something from Silence or About a Fire). Not the strongest song for a closer but nothing to really gripe about.

If you like Chevelle, Sci-fi Crimes is for you.


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