Advent – Naked and Cold

A little late getting this up but better late than never.

Naked and Cold is Advent’s second album out on Solid State records and they stepped it up and brought their A-game on Naked and Cold. Remove the Earth was a small foreshadowing of what was to come. All the polish has been removed and we are left with a raw, heavy album. This might be the most raw sounding hardcore album I’ve heard in a while. Naked and Cold is a harkening back to the mid-nineties spiritual-filled hardcore scene. The album reminds me of bands like Focused, Unashamed, and Overcome, less in sound but more in presentation. The sound reminds me of the early days of Facedown records. Advent is hiding their faith and Christianity, instead they have brought it to the forefront and are unashamed in their beliefs and aren’t stepping back. It’s worship at it’s heaviest.

From the Nothing, the albums opener, to the close of the record, Blackness of the Day, Naked and Cold will kick you in teeth and assault your hears. There’s no singing, there’s no ballads, there’s nothing soft of melodic about Naked and Cold. Advent have delivered an follow up that’s even better then the original. Good, raw, heavy music.

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