Relient K – Forget and Not Slow Down

I haven’t listened to Relient K in six or seven years. The last time I had listened to them they were singing about Marilyn Manson eating girlfriends and sadie hawkins dances. Of course I’ve heard songs and snippets over the years but I’ve never been a fan. I gave Forget and Not a Slow Down a listen to for reason, Ethan Luck. That’s right their new drummer (ex Dingees, Supertones, and Demon Hunter). Yes it’s not a great reason but I’ve done it before (I bought the first Lovedrug cd because Matt Putman was in the band).

Forget and Slow Down is probably the biggest surprise album of 09. Not knowing what to hear I was surprised at the level of quality pop songs put out by Relient K. The thing that most jumps out is the fact the the first half of the record could pass as a Death Cab for Cutie record. It would be the most upbeat and poppy Death Cab record but that’s what struck a chord with me (and my girlfriend). The record is strong from top to bottom.

Forget and Not Slow Down is a perfect pop rock album. The songs flow from one the to next with ease. It’s an upbeat and enjoyable listening experience. I don’t completely get have certain songs outros as their own track but it’s not a gripe again the record.

The title track and album’s opener (and lead single), Forget and Not Slow Down is an acoustic driven verse building to a rocking chorus the makes it a great opener and sets the tone for what to expect from the rest of the album. I Don’t Need a Soul, Therapy, Over It, and This is the End are all piano lead songs that remind me of the better Relient K christmas songs (I Hate X-mas Parties and I Celebrate Day). While songs like Part of It and Sarah are straight forward rock songs. Over It is the point on Forget and Not Slow Down where the album shifts from sounding like Death Cab into more of what Relient K has (I guess) been doing.

Gone might be Relient K’s pop punk past (This is the End is the most “punk” sounding song) but they’ve created a fantastic album that has surprised the hell of me and made a fan. This is a good album.

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