Converge – Axe to Fall

I don’t know why some bands are extremely successful at constantly making good, solid records. But some are and some aren’t. Converge is a band that I never seem disappointed with. With Converge I’m always sure that I will be getting a fast, heavy, angry sounding, metal record. And Axe to Fall delivers.

Their 7th full-length continues much in the same vain they’ve gone since Jane Doe. Fast and heavy. The record kicks right in with Dark Horse, a fast tempo circle pit inducing song. It’s a great way to kick off the record. Axe to Fall moves with ease from track to track, never losing steam and never letting up. The first 4 tracks hit you with a fast paced energy very reminiscent of No Heroes. Worms Will Feed breaks the tempo and slows things down a bit for 5 minutes in what seems like Converge doing Neurosis. Wishing Well kicks the tempo back up. The albums is mostly an up tempo, fast moving, punch you in the face assault of some of the best songs Converge has cooked up.

The last 2 tracks of the album are a complete switch though. Cruel Bloom is almost a country sort of song. Like a Western bar song as sung by a metal band that gets real heavy at the end, sounding like a track from the latest Doomriders or Neurosis album. Wretched World is a slow moving rock song that seems in line with Cruel World and yet completely different. And as out of the blue as these two songs come they don’t distract or take away from Axe to Fall one bit. Converge as tried something new and has pulled it off very successfully.

Converge knows how to make great music and Axe to Fall is another incredible notch on their belt.

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