Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder

There are moments when something sounds like a great idea and you have built in your head ideas of what could possibly be the greatest thing ever. Supergroups are like this. In theory the idea sounds great but I don’t know if it ever fleshes out the way fans hope. Shrinebuilder is the doom/sludge/stoner metal super group featuring Members of Melvins, Sleep, Neurosis, and Saint Vitus. Sounds like a kickass band right? And you instantly have a sound in your head as to how epic and awesome this will be. Well never fear Shrinebuilder is as epic and awesome as hoped for and sounds exactly like you’d think.

Shrinebuilder is the band that features Wino, Scott Kelly, Dale Crover, and Al Cisneros. And their debut album, self-titled, is almost exactly what I thought it would sound like. Slow, heavy, brooding guitar lines, solid backbeat, and with Wino doing most of the vocals… the album is incredible. And my only complaint came before I heard the record and it still stands… ONLY 5 SONGS!!!!!! Now the songs do average 7 and a half minutes in length but still… 5 songs of pure doom metal goodness from the guys who have defined the genre… It’s excellent, just not enough.

The albums feels like you’re listening to a mash-up of the bands the each of Shrinebuilder’s members are a part of. Pyramid Of The Moon sounds like it could’ve been a track off any Neurosis album or Saint Vitus’ classic Born Too Late. It’s 5 tracks of sludge metal heaven.

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