The Other Truths

I haven’t done anything here for a couple weeks and that’s on me. It’s not like we’ve had great albums coming out the past couple of weeks but MxPx did release a new ep and they have christmas album coming out sometime soon. There’s been a couple of albums I’ve listened to and have been meaning to write reviews but my personal life became something of a mess and this site got ignored.

With a long weekend and no plans I’m hoping to post reviews for the latest albums from Frank Lenz, Map, pg.Lost, Pelican, MxPx, and Rise and Fall. I’m also going to post a couple of top 10 type of lists.

At the moment I’m going to give a short review of the new Do Make Say Think album, The Other Truths.

It’s a decent. Very enjoyable and nice. There’s nothing offensive and awful but nothing really stands out to me either. And I’ll admit I’m more into straight forward post-rock sounding stuff and I love builds and and moving grooving songs. But Do Make Say Think has always has a nice blend of free jazz and math rock in their sound that I’ve always enjoyed them as a band. But for some reason The Other Truths reminds me of Foxhole. Maybe because I spend more time listening to Foxhole then Do Make Say Think and the fact that instrumental music with nice trumpet sections has been done and doesn’t hit me in the way as when I first heard DMST. I do enjoy the album and it sounds exactly like what I thought it would sound like. But… I’ve heard a ton of other post rock albums that I’ve enjoyed so much more (Russian Circles, Saxon Shore, Mono). Good album, nothing new.


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