Frank Lenz – Strictly Background OST

It’s hard to say that Frank’s best work is a soundtrack but it’s also hard to argue that it’s not. Having not seen the movie I have no idea how the songs fit into a film but as an album it is a pure joy to listen to. Taking and improving the elements that made Conquest Slaughter such a fantastic, the Strictly Background soundtrack is a nice mix of great Frank songs and a short musical vignettes that inspire both whimsy and calm.

Certain pieces remind me of something you might hear from a Jon Brion score, well others feel like something you’d hear on a Charlie Brown special or an old school 70’s episode of Sesame Street. The songs where Frank is singing sound like tracks that could’ve fit right at home on Conquest Slaughter and they feel like songs Frank has been posting on myspace for the past couple of years.

Frank has lived in semi-obscurity for some time and I know there’s a small indie scene that loves Frank Lenz and the work he’s done and I hope this soundtrack will help further his career along. He’s a fantastic songwriter and musician that deserves a whole hell of a lot more attention then he’s got. Strictly Background is an absolutely great album.

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