MxPx – Left Coast Punk ep

So Mxpx just dropped a new ep… and surprise, I love it! Left Coast Punk is a cross between the Secret Weapon and Panic, both of which are good. 6 new songs from one of my favorite bands before the end of the year is fantastic. One Step Further, Desperate to Understand, and Shanghaied In Shanghai are in the vain of what Mxpx gave us with last year’s Secret Weapon, a sound more in the vain of their earlier punk roots. Broken and Hopeless Case sound like they would’ve been right at home on Panic. Not as in your face but great songs none the less.

The last track End is a little weak. An acoustic track that’s nice but doesn’t carry the same feel as the rest of the ep.

All around a great record that I love. If you like Mxpx, this is for you.


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