Saving Grace – Unbreakable

Hardcore/metal is a weird genre. There are some people who will say all the bands sound the same. While fans of the genre will be able to discern the nuances of certain bands and be able to explain quite well why band a is far better then band b.

New Zealand’s Saving Grace have released their Strike First debut Unbreakable. I don’t know if this falls into the deathcore category or just plain hardcore (these minor genre details escape me). Unbreakable is as polished and heavy as anything you’ll probably hear in the heavy music arena. It rivals anything their contemporaries might put out. I’m actually extremely surprised.

When the record first started I was dismissing Saving Grace as another mindless hardcore band. But Unbreakable is an enjoyable hardcore record. It’s not going to win new fans to the genre and they don’t offer anything new to the scene but as a debut from an overseas band to the Christian hardcore scene Saving Grace is a bright spot to a genre full of skinny jeans and bad metalcore.

I expect bigger and better things from Saving Grace in the future. Saving Grace is a bright light of hope in what’s been a weak Christian hardcore scene.


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