What I’m In To: Dreamt Music

I mostly ignored Dreamt Music at first. I’m really not into Thieves and Liars. They just don’t really jive on my stereo. And the other acts on Dreamt I had dismissed as emo, Copeland wannabe bands.

But looking at the releases for January I saw brand new Dreamt artist Shapes Stars Make(http://www.myspace.com/shapesstarsmake). I gave their new song a listen and I loved it. Very Appleseed Cast/Explosions in the Sky. I will be picking this up on Tuesday.

So I downloaded and listened to the other acts on the label. Abel, Sleep For Sleepers,and My Epic are all similar, falling into that indie rock/emo genre.

Abel is pretty straight forward rock. At moments they remind me of The Glorious Unseen but they’re much less polished and more driving. It’s a solid ep they put out.

Sleep for Sleepers are pretty generic emo pop. They remind me Nevertheless(which is an obscure reference in it’s own right). It’s not terrible but it’s nothing new and exciting. An enjoyable album for fans of the genre.

My Epic reminds me of a cross between Copeland and Edison Glass. It’s a little more melodic and heavier then Copeland. Theirs is probably my favorite album Dreamt has released this far. A very pretty little record.

Thieves and Liars have released two records on Dreamt Music and although I like the second one much more than the first, it’s still not my cup of tea. A mix of southern rock, blues, and classic rock. It’s straight forward American Rock & Roll.

I’m really looking forward to the Shapes Stars Make album.

I’m glad to see Facedown moving outside of strict hardcore and Dreamt Music has a lot of potential.



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