Shapes Stars Make – These Mountains Are Safe

Christian post-rock seems like a pointless genre. I mean, does it really matter if an instrumental band is christian or not?

Anyway, Shapes Stars make are the latest band on Dreamt Music and their debut, These Mountains Are Safe, is a nice picture of a band with lots of potential. The album is a mixture of Explosions in the Sky, Unwed Sailor, and The Appleseed Cast. The album isn’t anything we haven’t heard before, but it’s good. The album is raw, which is okay. In a landscape of bands creating really lush soundscapes, Shapes Stars Make really harkens back to early Explosions in the Sky. The tracks with vocals, (We Are) The Hurting, Fireflies and Lights, and The Calm really stand apart in a not great way. The vocals feel intrusive, not as another instrument to compliment the music.

Shapes Stars Make are a band with a lot of potential and There Mountains Are Safe is a good debut.


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