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Onward to Olympas – This World is Not My Own

Bland hardcore is bland hardcore. Like I said with the Saving Grace review, some bands stick, some don’t. Onward to Olympas is an example of a band that doesn’t stick. It’s pretty standard, Metalcore 101.

This World is Not My Home really falls on me as a run of the mill christian metal album. There’s nothing that sticks out. Heavy screamed verses, a melodic, sung chorus. It’s the bread and butter of a genre I’ve torched on this blog before.

It’s not a horrific album, it’s just tiresome. Onward to Olympas aren’t bringing anything to the table that isn’t already there.


One comment on “Onward to Olympas – This World is Not My Own

  1. Doctor Lando (Founder)
    February 28, 2010

    My friend is in this band.
    And I enjoy it.

    Maybe this genre's just not for you.


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