Demon Hunter – The World is a Thorn

There are some bands that you either love or your hate. I feel like Demon Hunter is one of those bands. At least, I don’t really know any fair weather DH fans (and my brother-in-law doesn’t count because he’s a fair weather music fan).

The World is a Thorn sees Demon Hunter with two new guitars and down one-half it’s song writing team. Ryan Clark wrote all the songs on this record and from his own mouth, this album would be a more thrashy version of DH. And I guess to a degree that’s true. All metal bands seem to hype their albums as the heaviest and fastest of their career and I think very rarely is that the case. There are more thrash metal songs on this album but Demon Hunter isn’t complete without a ballad or two. The World is a Thorn isn’t far from the DH mold, but on the same hand it’s one sick metal record.

The first two tracks, which play as one, Descending Upon Us and Lifewar are straight forward bang your head metal songs. The album’s first single “Collapsing” sounds like good old Demon Hunter. I read on some site where they compared the song to a Soilwork ripoff, and it should probably sound something like Soilwork because Björn Strid lends his vocal talents to the song. This is the Line is one of the most anthemic Demon Hunter songs I’ve ever heard. Driving Nails is your first ballad of the album and it’s very good. It’s not Heartstrings, but it’s good.

Then we get to the thrash metal. The title track hits in a similar manner that Storm the Gates of Hell did. Just straight forward and fast. Tie This Around Your Neck was the first track they put up on myspace (an excellent choice), and it’s my favorite song on the record. I love the song. The album ends with Blood in the Tears, another ballad, very touching.

Overall, It’s the best sounding and sickest Demon Hunter record to date. The guitars sound great and the solos are well done and fit very nicely. Probably the first real solos on a DH records. These are by far by the best drums sounds Demon Hunter has captured on an album.

If you like metal give this record a spin.

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