Wrench in the Works – Increase/Decrease

There was something about The Lost Art of Heaping Coal, Wrench in the Works’ debut, that caught my ear. Just a quality metal album that I found way after it’s release. So I was pretty excited to be giving Increase/Decrease a listen.

Increase/Decrease presents the same problem that I had with The Famine’s The Raven and the Reaping, the machine gun double kick. On a whole Increase/Decrease is faster then The Lost Art of Heaping Coal. Which isn’t any better or any worse. The album just moves quicker and feels more metal then hardcore. If you’re into the afore mention The Raven and the Reaping, you should give this record a listen. Increase/Decrease is fast and heavy from the gate and doesn’t let up.

If you’ve read this blog and my metal reviews at all you know I take offense with drum replacement and when it’s the machine gun double kick that’s right in your face for 30 minutes, I can’t take it. And the nature of this album being so fast is that you are assaulted with machine gun drum replacement for the albums duration. The briefs moments where it lets up or the album “dips” are a welcome to relief to my ears.

The last track comes as a need respite from the fast attack of the album and Vows(He Must Increase) is the track that would fit in with The Lost Art of Heaping Coal. It’s much slower going and longer then any other track on the record.

Over all Increase/Decrease is a good record. It’s just a pet peeve of mine that keeps me from really loving the album. If you’re looking for something fast and heavy, give it a listen.

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