Queens Club – Young Giant

A band made up of former Chariot members playing dance music didn’t really hold any interest to me. Listening to some demo tracks and ep songs on their myspace page I wasn’t to impressed and wrote them off as another one of T&N’s bullshit pop culture signings. So I was a little shocked to find myself enjoy Young Giant as much as I do.

Comparing the band to Bloc Party might be a little cheap because QUeens Club is far more upbeat and danceable then I think Bloc Party is but the genre lines are similar and if Queens Club was british you’d draw the comparison instantly.

Young Giants is a surprising enjoyable dance/rock album. And outside of Bloc Party I can’t really find a place to draw comparisons to any of what would be contemporaries. It’s not so emo or autotuned to find a place along side bands like Brokencyde or Oh3Oh but it’s not indie enough to roll in that scene. Young Giant is just well crafted rock music.

Th first 4 tracks are fun loving rock music that make you want to get up and dance. It’s not until you hit Dust that Young Giant takes a turn into something extremely pop culture, hot topic scene. After the first run through the chorus the song picks up but still feels like something that’s popular in music (just not getting radio play).

And then it’s back to good times rock music. Lydia sounds like something I’ve heard a hundred times before but can’t completely place where and is none the less worse for being something standard.

Overall Young Giant seems like a throwback record. It’s just on that line of punk and rock that makes it an interesting record without falling into something that hot topic teenagers throw up on the internet every day. Another good record from T&N that makes me hopeful that the label could be taking a turn back to being relevant in my music conversations.

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