Secret and Whisper – Teenage Fantasy

I don’t think it’s a secret that I really hope Tooth and Nail can get to a place where they’re constantly releasing quality music. So I continue to download their newest albums hoping for the best.

Secret and Whisper is pretty standard emo… Whiny vocals and all. Think of them as Taking Back Sunday’s younger, less talented brother. But that doesn’t discredit Teenage Fantasy. It’s not catchy song writing, but the hooks and discordant melodies are enough to keep you listening… For a little while. After 4 or 5 songs I find myself losing interest and tuning out. The songs began to run together as if it were all one sound.

Where songs like Youth Cats and Warriors start the record off strong and give a sense that this might be something fresh and nice to listen to, the record doesn’t have a lot of dynamic range and by the time songs like Star Blankets and Blush hit the stereo, you feel like you’ve been listening to the record for a while. The album is all up with no down, and it’s not helpful for the listener. A few slower jams or ballads might’ve gone a long way in helping Teenage Fantasy not seem like a stain on the ears.

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