Jonsi – Go

I’ve been listening to Jonsi’s Go for a couple weeks now, just taking it all in and trying to decide how I actually feel about it. In one word Go is whimsical.

When I heard that Sigur Ros front man Jonsi was releasing an English solo record I wasn’t sure what I expect or more to the point, if I wanted it. I love Sigur Ros and I had no doubt that Jonsi would release a great record. But like I said, I love Sigur Ros. And I guess that’s where Go falls flat for me. It’s got all the musicality of Sigur Ros but the joy and movement that makes Sigur Ros such a great band isn’t here.

To call this record an English speaking record seems a little unfair. I didn’t even know the singing was in English on my first listen and it wasn’t until I read it on the internet that I had any idea. And that’s not a bad thing. Lyrically isn’t Go’s strongest feature and I don’t think it hurts the album that Jonsi’s vocals end up as a part of the musical landscape.

Musically, Go is more complex than anything Sigur Ros has done (it’s closest comparison might be to their last effort). Go is a free flowing, joyous, and happy. The darker sadder songs hit as poignant moments in the album. I imagine Go as the soundtrack to a young child. Whimsical is the best word to describe what Jonsi has created.

Go plays like a score. The movements are grand and the happy upbeat songs of joy transition into dark or sad pieces that transition back into something happy. Listening to Go is like watching a movie. It plays with your heart and your emotions and creates inside you a story and as a piece of music, I’m impressed.

It’s not a new Sigur Ros album and as solo records go Jonsi has done a pretty good job at creating something different. (And Go is a far better piece of music then last years Riceboy Sleeps effort). Go will be enough to keep Sigur Ros fans happy until their next full length and Jonsi shows he can stand on his own two feet.

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