Sent by Ravens – Our Graceful Words

There are albums that have the potential to be better with a few adjustments to the track order (Caspian’s Tertia and Starflyer 59’s My Island come to mind). Sent By Raven’s new full-length, Our Graceful Words, is another such record. It would take a good record and make it great but it would at least be easier to listen to and not be so jarring.

As far as rock records go, Our Graceful Words is pretty generic. The albums opener, New Fire, shows a lot of potential and has enough to capture the listeners attention. But songs rely on gimmicks too much. An Honest Heart and I Hear Her Breathe both have similar intros, with the instruments EQed to give a muffled impression, also making it hard for the record to gain any ground. And I guess I should give Sent By Ravens credit on really focusing on each song but the albums doesn’t flow.

Songs like Beautiful List, Philadelphia, and Stone Soup are bright spots but there’s not enough on the album to hold my attention and to keep me wanting to listen. Our Graceful Words is probably the weakest release Tooth and Nail has put out in 2010.

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