The Letter Black – Hanging On By a Thread

Female fronted hard rock seems to sound all the same. Vocal abilities differ between the singers but song-writing seems to be a stagnant pool. Somewhere between Evanescence and Flyleaf is where you’ll find The Letter Black. Less melodic then Evanescence but not as raw as Flyleaf.

Hanging on By a Thread picks up where Breaking the Silence left off, which is both good and bad. The best songs on Hang on by a Thread are the same songs that were on Breaking the Silence. Sarah Anthony’s vocals are strong and pleasant. The songs are hard hitting and would fit on any hard rock radio station in America. Hanging On By a Thread is strong from start to finish. There’s not a bad track on the album. From Fire With Fire to Wounded, Hanging On By A Thread is about as solid a debut record you’ll find.

But the songwriting isn’t anything to get excited about it. There’s nothing groundbreaking or that interesting, which doesn’t hurt the record because what The Letter Black do, they do it really well. But it doesn’t get me that excited about the band. There’s tons of room for growth and with Hanging On By A Thread being as solid as it is, it gives me hope that The Letter Black can continue to create quality hard rock.


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