The Radio Sky – The Radio Sky

It seems like a good rock record is hard to find. Just a quality 10 song, straight forward rock and roll album. The Radio Sky have produced a pretty good one. And it can be yours for free!

At times The Radio Sky’s self-titled debut reminds me of Coheed and Cambria, and sometimes of Lovedrug. But both of those comparisons are based purely from a vocal perspective. We Are Pilots opens the album strong, with a good riff and great hook. It captures your attention immediately. Deja Vu Girl and Now bring the record down slightly. Going with acoustic, slower tracks following such a strong opener made it hard for me to really get into this album at first. But from Blank Stare to You Are the Passengers, the albums closer, are 8 strong rock and roll songs.

It’s a strong debut from a new band and just a good rock record. The Radio Sky also features Cory Brandon from Norma Jean on guitar, making The Radio Sky another great project that Cory’s involved with. You can get the album for free at Give it a listen.

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