Deftones – Diamond Eyes

Diamond Eyes is probably not the album Deftones fans were hoping for. Eros was supposed to be a return to the heavier side of the Deftones sound. But with Chi Cheng’s accident, coma, and long, long road to recovery, the guys took some time off, regroup with Sergio Vega on bass and decided the best thing for the band was to start over with a brand new record. Fans hoping to hear Around the Fur part 2 will be disappointed as Diamond Eyes fits closer with the discography post White Pony.

I don’t think there’s a better band at being heavy and melodic then the Deftones and Diamond Eyes might be there best effort yet. The progression from Saturday Night Wrist might sound subtle but the melodies are stronger then ever before. Songs like Beauty School, Sextape and This Place is Death showcase just how good Chino and the boys are at writing quality songs. Neither is particularly heavy but all are strong songs.

Riffs on CMND/CTRL and Rocket Skates do sound like old school Stephen Carpenter riffs, throwing back to Around the Fur/White Pony. The title track, and album kick off track, Diamond Eyes sets the tone for this record perfectly. The verse riff is heavy and driving, very classic Deftones but the hook is melodic and moving. It’s the picture for how the album will play out, crossing the fence of heavy and melodic all at the same time.

Diamond Eyes might be the mostly solid Deftones record from start to finish. Great production and really strong songs. It’ll be interesting to hear Eros if that ever gets released but Diamond Eyes is another quality album from Chino and the boys.

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