Far – At Night We Live

Although I enjoy listening Game, Far isn’t a band I’ve ever been super excited about. They released a cover version of Ginuwine’s Pony that was interesting enough for me to pick up their reunion album, their first in 12 years, At Night We Live.

The album kicks off nicely with Deafening, a straight forward rock and roll song. And that’s how I would define At Night We Live. It’s a rock record. If You Cared Enough, Dear Enemy, and Fight Song are all hard rock songs, similar to their previous contemporaries, bands like Boy Sets Fire. While songs like Burns, Give Me A Reason, and Are You Sure are more modern sounding like Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday. The title track, At Night We Live, is a solid ballad and the crowning jewel of the record.

At Night We Live has enough movement and is each song is so sonically different from the previous that there’s no fault with the record. It never becomes boring. There are enough highs and lows to keep the listener engaged. Far have created an album that those who have never listened to Far’s discography can pick up and enjoy from start to finish. It’s an unpretentious rock record.


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