DeepSpace 5 – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

I’ve always loved DeepSpace 5. Mostly because ManChild from Mars Ill is part of the collective. The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be might be the collective’s most fun album. The production is loose and the tracks are upbeat. From a production standpoint, it’s the most enjoyable DS5 record to listen to.

The record starts with an intro track that, like on most hip-hop albums, is unnecessary. The first 3 songs are all great. Lord Willing will get your head nodding and body moving. Black Magic and Oh Geez are more old school sounding in production and remind me of earlier DS5 records.

The lack on a constant theme in production works both for and against the record. Each and every track is it’s own song and nothing ever gets repetitive. The listening experience keeps you interested in each track and where the next song is going to go. The problem is I didn’t find myself loving any track nearly on the level that I love the first three. From The Outside, Spit Shine, and Lord Willing are the strongest tracks on the album. While tracks like Killing With Kindness and All You Can Eat are quality songs, Natural Selection doesn’t stimulate the senses in the same way.

And It Was Good and Where Amazing Happens, the albums closers are both strong songs. The beat on And It Was Good is the better of the two tracks and is still an interesting song despite being 7 minutes long. Where Amazing Happens is a good strong, head bobbing closer.

The Future AIn’t What It Used to Be is a little chaotic, but strong production makes the latest from DeepSpace 5 a keeper.

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