A Plea for Purging – The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

A Plea For Purging is a band I’ve never been able to get into. A Critique of the Mind had some bite and Depravity had a handful of catchy metal tunes, but through two albums I’ve never been able to really grasp hold of why people like A Plea for Purging.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell shows a band ever improving and moving forward and even possibly a band hitting their stride. This is A Plea For Purging’s hardest and heaviest record. It combines the speed of Critique with the heavier aspects of Depravity. But by the time Shiver ends, the albums third track, I start thinking that TMOHAH is just another deathcore record. The breakdowns start to becomes tiresome and while A Plea For Purging pulls influence more from Zao then it does Killswitch Engage or more modern metalcore bands, there isn’t anything happening that excites me.

The Golden Barriers moves slowly away from breakdown deathcore and gives us an attempt at a guitar solo. The Fall gives us clean vocals, which haven’t appeared on any Plea record yet. And yes, the clean vocals are a nice change of pace from the breakdown assault that’s been the record so far. The Jealous Wings is a ballad, which seems to be trend these day. Make a heavy record but throw a random ballad in at the end. But I like the song.

In the end production hinders me from really attaching to The Marriage of Haven and Hell. The kick drum is clicking and there’s too much double bass on the record to have the kick drum sound so bad. A Plea For Purging have suffered from poor production their entire career. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is no different.

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