My Epic – Yet

No band in recent memory has made bigger strides from their debut to album number 2 than My Epic. I Am Undone was a fine rock record, a good debut. But the fury and beauty that encompass each song on yet make it one of the best indie rock records I’v heard in years. It is by far the best record Dreamt Music has put out to date and another gem on the Facedown Family roster.

Right from the get go Yet gives off a different vide then I Am Undone. Author kicks in with feedback and a strong drum backbeat. Lower Still and Lashes are soaring, driving rock song. Sound and Fury, Pour, and Ashes are all aggressive songs, with loud bombastic guitars that drop down to clean picking verses. Perfector swells and dies, swells and dies into a crescendo at the end of the album.

Yet feels like a cross between As Cities Burn and Cool Hand Luke with a twinge of Edison Glass thrown in there. Aaron’s vocals are much stronger and crisper then they were on I Am Undone. Yet is a great rock record and should be seen on many end of the year lists.

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