Impending Doom – There Will be Violence

Improvement is always good. Impending Doom’s third record, There Will Be Violence, is a huge step in a better direction. Both the bands first two out puts were pretty straight forward, bland death metal. It was very reminiscent to early Mortification, which I’m not a huge fan of.

There Will Be Violence has elements that shape this record differently from their previous efforts. The intro, Hell Breaks Lose, has a really melodic guitar lead that offsets that heavy onslaught just enough. Brook Reeves’ vocally is another major improvement for the band. Gone are the really low guttural growls. Vocally there’s more range in the screams and growls, and with the real guttural vocals being gone, Reeves is more understandable.

Musically the album is heavy and fast. Much faster then anything Impending Doom’s done before. Although There Will Be Violence is Impending Doom’s best record to date, its still on;y the third best death metal record Facedown/Strike First has put this year, as both As Hell Retreats and Wrench in the Works had better albums.

There Will Be Violence has a handful of really great moments. Love Has Risen is an excellent instrumental piece that showcases some great guitar work. The album’s closer, Sweating Blood, is an incredible song. It’s the band’s best work to date by far.


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