In the Midst of Lions – The Heart of a Man

I had passed on In the Midst of Lions’ first record. I tried to give it a chance but deathcore bores me very quickly. The Heart of a Man has moments that are quite enjoyable to me. But overall, it’s a tedious listen.

Musically, The Heart of a Man is put together well. The album has a constant flow which makes for an enjoyable listen. The problem is there’s not enough dynamic change in the music to have it matter too much. While songs flow into each other and breaks are clean to distinguish something new, there aren’t enough sonic changes. Which is to be expected in a death metal album but the great metal albums this year have offered something different.

Songs like Abandonment and Defiance are stand out tracks to me. The closer, Reborn, has a middle section that reminds me of Dethklok, which is awesome. But the constant over dramatic breakdowns are a flaw as the record drags on. Honestly, the more I listened to the record the more I did enjoy it. It’s deathcore. Nothing special, and a little tedious, but there are moments of enjoyment.

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