Mantric – The Descent

Out of the ashes of Extol comes Mantric. Their 2010 debut The Descent is a wild ride. It doesn’t seem right to call Mantric a metal band. I know part of the Descent was written for the next Extol record. Which explains why the record is a little all over the place.

The Descent moves from doom metal to prog and then into really melodic low key pieces. The intro to the record, The Asylum 2013, is a post metal piece that stops and then throws you right into Tower of Silence, a doom metal song in the vain of early Mastodon. Symptoms continues in this vain. It’s a faster pace song and one can’t help but be reminded of Mastodon. But then things change. Invasion is a weird moving song. Well it keeps up the pace that Symptoms had, melodically it’s a little all over the place. It’s controlled chaos. Spear of Heaven is a mix of Doom and prog. A very heavy, prodding piece but the synthesised take the song to a different level. Ailhorn sounds like something that Extol would’ve written for their next record.

There is so much happening on The Descent that it takes multiple listens to really hear everything. It’s a pretty heavy record but the guitars have so many different riffs and changes per song and the prog influence is deep on the record that you never get bored listening to the album. It’s a great record.

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