The Prids – Chronosynclastic

I don’t think it’s a stretch by any means to say that for the last 10 years Velvet Blue Music has put out the best indie music in America. Map, LN, Kat Jones, Richard Swift, Pony Express, and a host of others have made Velvet Blue Music’s catalog one of the best. The Prids’, Chronosynclastic is the latest album on an already impressive discography.

Chronosynclastic is extremely charming. The Prids have crafted a very nice indie rock record. There are a handful of Shoegaze moments (the end of Break sounds almost exactly like My Bloody Valentine), but shoegaze isn’t a word I would use to describe the Prids. Chronosynclastic seems like a throwback (although not really that far back ) to bands like Jupitar James, The Trouble with Sweeney, and Scientific. The record is full of really good pop songs. It’s a solid debut. There’s no bad song on Chronosynclastic. The Prids have crafted 10 really good indie pop songs. Fans of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Serena Maneesh, and Arcade Fire will dig this record.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey. I was the guitarist and other songwriter in The Trouble with Sweeney. That band is defunct but I have a solo LP coming out in the new few months, thanks.


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