The Showdown – Blood In The Gears

The Showdown has been a band that’s always escaped my realm of listening. I’ve heard songs here and there and was never moved to give the band a try. And I probably would’ve just ignored Blood In the Gears but Patrick Judge and Yogi Watts from Demon Hunter both played on the record and The World is A Thorn is such a good record that it got me to give Blood In the Gears a try. And I’m glad I did.

Blood In the Gears is a nice mix between straight forward metal and some southern spirit. A Man Named Hell kicks the record off with a motorcycle engine into a guitar riff, and with the briefest pause, the songs kicks in. It’s an immediate picture of what the Showdown are bringing on this record. God solid metal on the verse, a hint of southern rock on the chorus and a killer guitar solo.

Heavy Lies The Crown is just a straight forward, bang your head metal song. Bring It Down is a really strong thrash songs. You can’t help but think of Slayer listening to the track. Take Me Home is a slow, southern rock song and it’s so nice. You won’t be thinking Sweet Home Alabama, which is a good thing.

Blood In The Gears, Dogma Enthroned, No Escape, The Crooked Path, and Graveyard Of Empires are all great metal song. Just straight ahead, quality metal.The record ends with Diggin’ My Own Grave, a real southern metal ballad. Starts of with acoustic guitar and vocals and then bust into some great southern metal.

There’s no glitz or glam to Blood In The Gears. But it is a killer metal album. For those who just want to throw up their horns and headbang all night long, this album is for you. It’s a great metal record and one of the best this year.

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