Signal Hill – Distance

It’s no secret that I love post rock. A good post rock album goes a long way in my book. The latest from SIgnal Hill is a little hit and miss. WHile overall the album is enjoyable, it doesn’t hit on anything special.

The opening track Freelance Forest is a little tedious and sounds so familiar to what Signal Hill has done in the past, that it just gets lost. It’s beautiful but doesn’t stand out. Paper Airplanes is a much better track. More upbeat and has a more interesting movement. Wintersea doesn’t fully explode into a crescendo but it moves back and forth, teetering on the edge of coming unglued. Spirited From the Sea is a nice piece of music, alot like Freelance Forest, but it also doesn’t go anywhere. And you need balance in post rock records and it’s a great track honestly, but you’re waiting for something to change, shift, or move, and it doesn’t. California Is Too Long – Alternate is a new take on the last track from Signal Hill’s self-titled debut ep. It’s a better version of the song sonically, but like on their debut, it’s not a strong closing piece.

Distance is a decent ep and it’s a solid post rock offering. But it’s nothing really special.

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