For Today – Breaker

Breaker almost instantly jumped to the top of the Album of the Year list. As soon as the album started I was in love.

The Breaker’s Origin is a simple intro whose guitar riffs tears rights into Devastator. Breaker is heavy from the start. Each song is solid. The gang chants are nice and although I despise bass drops, on Breaker the songs are so solid that I find myself not noticing or not being bothered by them.

From start to finish, Breaker is heavy. It’s For Today’s finest record so far and the best album to come out of Facedown this year (which is a high compliment because Facedown has been killing it this year). The only exceptions that break the heaviness of the record are the Breaker interludes (The Breaker’s Origin, Valley, Encounter, and Commission). They are nice respites that keep the story arc of the record in tact.

If you’re not a fan of over spiritual lyrics then Breaker isn’t the record for you. But if you’re just looking for a killer hardcore record then Breaker is where it’s at. Yes, the constant bass drops can get wearing (on Psalm of the Son especially), but the song writing is solid and the album doesn’t get boring.

The closing track, The Breaker’s Commission, is a nice combination of the low key, spoken word pieces that the Breaker tracks have been, but then it bust into a beautiful full choir singing over some great For Today metal.

Breaker could be looked on as hardcore classic in years to come. For the moment, it’s just an outstanding record.

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