All Out War – Into The Killing Fields

Into the Killing Fields is actually the first All Out War album I’ve ever picked up. Which kind of surprises me. I don’t know why I’ve passed on the band over the last 10-15 years of listening to hardcore/metal but I have. And Into the Killing Fields isn’t what I was expecting to hear.

Mike Score’s vocals weren’t what I was expecting at all. I was thinking All Out War was going to hit me with some nice old school hardcore stylings and although musically they deliver hardcore/thrash really well, vocally I was completely taken off my guard.

Musically I’m a huge fan of Into the Killing Fields. It’s a great mix of old school hardcore and thrash metal. Unlike newer acts, All Out War delivers a straight forward metal album that just punches and attacks and doesn’t fall into any bad metal cliches. My only problem with the album is on the production side. The vocals fall just on the quiet side of the mix and at times get lost. MOstly they work, but I wish they had been pushed up just slightly in the mix.

Every song is Into the Killing Fields is good. It’s not the best hardcore record I’ve heard this year but it’s another solid one.

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