The Devil Wears Prada – Zombie EP

I picked up The Devil Wears Prada latest ep after I saw that it was number 10 on the billboard charts. That’s pretty impressive for a metal band of any subgenre that’s not named Metallica. The mall kids love this record and so it deserves a listen.

I will say that Zombie is by and far so much better then anything TDWP has released to date. Mike Hranica’s screams and growls are top notch and actually really good on this ep. Musically, I’m impressed too. Although it’s pretty typical metalcore, there are a handful of really interesting guitar riffs that are pretty catchy. Plus it’s an ep about Zombies… That’s cool.

But what kills this ep for me is your standard new wave metalcore nonsense. I was really digging the opening track Escape until 2 and half minutes in I heard the keyboards. The keyboards aren’t used in any way, shape, or form that’s good. It’s just bad filler int he background. And then just before the 3 minute mark of the song the clean vocals come in. Clean vocals can be alright… but these clean vocals have a vocoder. Autotune and vocoders on clean vocals in metal make me ill. The computer glithces in the songs I can get over because that’s TDWP’s thing. But the vocoded vocals and the poorly placed keyboards in the mix are a deal breaker.

It’s a decent ep and it’s a good next step for The Devil Wears Prada… but it’s not my thing.

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