Classic Album: Hopesfall – No Wings To Speak Of

Before Hopesfall signed to Trustkill and before A Types and Magnetic North, Hopesfall was really, REALLY good. The first time I heard Frailty of Words I wasn’t super impressed until The Broken Heart of Traitor came on. The song kindled an instant love for Hopesfall. And then they released No Wings to Speak Of. 4 songs of perfection.

While Trustkill later rereleased the album when they signed Hopesfall, No Wings was originally released on Takehold Records (The greatest christian indie label ever! Seriously, these guys signed Underoath, TwoThiryEight, Few Left Standing). No Wings To Speak Of is the first time I heard the term screamo used (although in a different context then it’s used today). It’s a furiously passionate hardcore record that really holds the true essence of what emo used to be.

The opening track, Open Hands to The Winds, kicks off with a vengeance. A stealler guitar riffs, right into Doug’s piercing scream. A minute in, the guitar line cuts in with a sweet melody the cuts the furry so nicely, the song takes on a new direction and the passion comes oozing through your stereo. When the emo breakdown comes into the song it takes you off guard at first but the guitar work is so nice that you find yourself just enjoying the riff. Your enjoyment is rudely taken away when the bands rips right back into the song.

While Hopesfall did give us one more emocore styled record, The Satellite Years didn’t have anywhere near the passion that No Wings To Speak Of had. I think part of the reason Jay and the band moved away from that style of music is because the new members were never going to touch No Wings To Speak Of. Doug was no longer on vocals, Jay kicked Ryan out of the band after The Satellite Years sessions and Hopesfall was never the same.

Hopesfall doesn’t get the credit or recognition they deserve and it’s sad. No Wings to Speak is a gem.


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