Top 10 Favorite Metal Records

Brand new this week is the Tuesday Top 10. My 10 favorite (or least favorite) whatever I decided to write about. And of course the best place to start is with my favorite metal records.

10. Seventh Angel – The Torment

The Torment is Seventh Angel’s debut record. The British were doing thrash metal just fine. For their debut Arkley wasn’t pulling any punches lyrically. The lyrics are dark and violent, and although Arkley has admitted he regrets the lyrical themes of The Torment (as Lament for the Weary would be more subtle), the aggressive and violent nature or The Torment, create a great metal record. Although vocally it’s a little redundant, it is a thrash album and the music more then makes up for it.



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2 responses to “Top 10 Favorite Metal Records

  1. Aaron

    Dude, Rust in Peace should be on there. Great Metallica and Extol choice. I personally love Paranoid but think the self-titled or Vol. 4 might be better. I'd probably put in Powerslave, Peace of Mind or Number of the Beast by Maiden. Death's Symbolic or Human would be there. Even though they're pure evil, I'd say Altars of Madness by Morbid Angel and None So Vile by Cryptopsy. Slayer's Hell Awaits and SITA are brutal. Might have to check some of those Christian bands out. I might even venture to put Mastodon's Blood Mountain on the list.


  2. Rust in Peace almost made the list. Paranoid is actually the only Ozzy Sabbath record I really care for. I'm not a big Maiden fan and I've never gotten into Slayer.


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