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Lecrae – Rehab

I don’t cover a whole lot of hip-hop. I’d love to review more hip-hop records but there isn’t a whole lot that impresses me. When something catches my ear I try to give it a shout out. Lecrae released Rehab this week and my twitter feed has been full of people saying it’s a great record and it did well on iTunes (#3) so I picked it up.

I have mixed feelings on Rehab and part of that is my hip-hop likes. As far as MCs go, Lecrae is one of the best new voices in christian hip-hop. His rhymes are solid and his delivery is nice. Production wise is where the album and me have issues. Half the beats are nice and really enjoyable. A couple of great head bobbers. But then you get too many modern, cheap sounding beats. I can’t say too much autotune because any autotune is too much and there is some on Rehab.

The album is just too modern for me and it’s not catchy enough. While I really like Children of Light (ft Sonny Sandavol), Just Like You, and Gotta Know, the rest of the album falls short. It’s not my style of hip-hop. I’m too old school and Rehab just isn’t catchy enough for me.


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