Envy – Recitation

When I first heard Insomniac Daze I fell in love with Envy. Their combination of hardcore and post rock was so beautiful. I quickly downloaded the rest of their discography and listened to their transformation from chaotic hardcore band to beautiful post metal band. Their latest, Recitation, is a continuation in the exploration of post rock. While leaving some of the hardcore elements behind, Envy has created an absolutely beautiful record.

Recitation starts with Guidance,a simple piano and female spoken word, which moves into Last Hours of Eternity. Last Hours starts more like a song you’d hear on a Mono record then Envy as the first 4 and half minutes set a beautiful tone that explodes when the vocals kick in. Musically it’s Mono with screaming. The trend continues as the more upbeat and moving Rain Clouds Running in a Holy Night starts.

The album is a post rock album. If you stripped the vocals one wouldn’t think they were listening to Envy at all. Dreams Coming to An End and A Breath Clad in Happiness are the exceptions but even moments of those songs are so beautifully played out that it doesn’t feel like a hardcore record.

Recitation has more genre crossover appeal then Insomniac Daze had, and post rock fans loved that album. Envy is no longer a hardcore band. They have moved and matured into a great post rock band with screaming vocals. Recitation is an absolutely beautiful record. The music ebbs and flows in so many directions with so many crescendos and beautiful guitar parts that it takes numerous listens to capture everything that’s happening on this record. It’s a beautiful record that I don’t see myself getting tired of anytime soon. Even if you’re not a fan of hardcore music, check this record out. I bet you’ll enjoy it.

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