Brian McBride – The Effective Disconnect

For those who don’t know, Brian McBride is one half of the ambient duo Stars of the Lid. The Effective Disconnect is his second solo record and The Effective Disconnect is a thing of beauty. Brian McBride has really outdone himself on this record. I liked When The Detail Lost It’s Freedom but it doesn’t come close to being nearly as good The Effective Disconnect.

The Effective Disconnect is more orchestral then When The Detail Lost It’s Freedom. It flows better and is an all around enjoyable experience. It sounds like something you’d expect from Brian Eno if he worked with strings more. It is such an easy and enjoyable listen. Fans of Brian Eno’s Discreet Music or Echo Broke Alone’s Heart Condition will absolutely love The Effective Disconnect. It’s an amazing ambient album. My two minor qualms are that the record is short and it doesn’t have a strong ending.

It’s only 43 minutes long, which isn’t terribly short but it’s such a nice album you really wish it was longer. The last 2 tracks are ok but not great. I Know That You Don’t Like the Future Like I Do is a little thin and sparse compared to everything up to that point, which would be ok if it wasn’t the second to last track. It does have a nice piano ending. Chamber Minuet is just too short a piece to end the record. It’s a beautiful string arrangement that I just wish had more.

If you’re looking for an ambient record and you already own Hammock’s Chasing After Shadows, Living With the Ghosts go pick up The Effective DIsconnect. It’s a beautiful album and one of the best instrumental records I’ve heard this year.


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