Kylesa – Spiral Shadow

There’s something really nice about Kylesa’s Spiral Shadow that wasn’t there on Static Tensions. It’s more melodic, toned down. While Static Tensions was an enjoyable listen, it just wasn’t very memorable. Spiral Shadows isn’t catchy memorable, but musically it’s more appealing sonically. Each song has something different going for it, and the album moves so nicely and so beautifully, that it’s just a great listen.

Tired Climb is the most straight forward sludge metal track of the album. A good kick off to the album and nice track that won’t throw fans of the band for a loop. Cheating Synergy is my favorite track on the album. An upbeat track with a killer guitar/synth riff in the middle of the song. Drop Out is a cross between Isis and Mastodon, very heavy with intricate, beautiful guitar lines. From Don’t Look Back to the end of the album, the tone changes. The songs aren’t as heavy. All the tracks have a melodic undertone. Don’t Look Back has a Foo Fighters style intro riff. Back and Forth is a super poppy song, the plays more like the latest indie rock craze then anything metal.

The Spiral Shadow isn’t the best record of the year and as far as metal records go, it isn’t the heaviest record you’ll hear. But the songs have their moments, and it’s just such an enjoyable listen that I do recommend picking this album up.


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