Top 10 Favorite Christian 90’s Alternative Records

Alternative Rock was my gateway drug into punk and hardcore. The christian rock scene in the mid-90’s was actually full of great bands. Forefront Records put out their best stuff 96-99. Christian rock was more then just DC Talk.

10. Common Children – Skywire

Common Children was consistent in being inconsistent sound wise. Musically they always went back and forth between balls to the wall rock and roll and really pretty ballad type songs. Their debut, Skywire, is their most rocking album. Probably one of the more underrated Christian rock bands, Common Children’s first two LP’s were perfect, post grunge, alternative records. It was mid-90’s rock. Hate was a song I instantly loved. Marc Byrd screaming, “I Hate Myself” still gets me amped.



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2 responses to “Top 10 Favorite Christian 90’s Alternative Records

  1. I’ve heard Skywire by Common Children and it was pretty good in the Christian rock music genre. It was disappointing to know that they are one of the christian bands that have broken up.


  2. Grammatrain was one of my favorite until I read about Pete Stewart walking away from Christ. I just couldn't bring myself to listen to it anymore. Downer…


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