Kevin Max – Cotes d’Armor

Since the break-up of DC Talk Kevin Max has probably been the least visible of all the members. While Toby Mac has been a Christian music superstar and Michael Tait took over the frontman duties for the Newsboys, Kevin Max has very quietly put together one of the most solid discographies. Pound for pound Max was clearly the best voice in DC Talk.

Max’s latest album, Cotes d’Armor, which was released in August, is a departure from last couple of records. Between The Fence & The Universe, Crashing Gates, and the Impostor had all been rock records, fueled by thick guitar riffs and driving back beats, Cotes d’Armor, while retaining some of that rock feel, moves into more electronic based instruments and is more song focused. The instrumentation isn’t a focal point on this album, as Max’s great lyrics stand front and center.

On Yer Bike kicks this album off in high gear. While it’s an upbeat rock songs, the hook swirls in more of a circus tune than straight rock song. You can almost picture go-go dancers going nuts as the chorus plays. Out of the WIld has a dark electronic sound. Walking Through Walls is just a classic Kevin Max song. Not every song is a hit. We Love Dangerous is a cheap electronic song with no emotion. They’ve even processed Max’s vocal to sound cold and disengaged. Train to Transylvania is a bad cheap techno instrumental. It’s useless and doesn’t need to be on the record.

While the album starts strong and has a couple of good tracks later, Kevin Max really lost me with all the electronic bullshit at the end of the record. Not a terrible record, but if you’re looking to listen to a Kevin Max record, I wouldn’t not start with Cotes d’Armor.


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