Top 10 Favorite Christian Hardcore/Metalcore albums

If you read this blog you know I love hardcore. When I discovered hardcore in the 8th grade, it changed my life. I love hardcore so much that this top ten list will actually be two list; my favorite christian hardcore albums and then next week will be my favorite non christian hardcore albums. I’m also going with hardcore/metalcore because some albums (especially next week) don’t fall under the “hardcore” banner. Enjoy.

10. Underoath – Define the Great Line

Define The Great Line isn’t really a return to greatness for Underoath, but a realization of potential. The death metal band had transformed itself into emo Warp Tour darlings. Define the Great Line reestablished the band firmly a top the modern metalcore ranks. Underoath reemerged as a heavy band. Gone was the pop sensibilities that had been on They”re Only Chasing Safety. Define the Great Line has pound for pound, some of the catchiest hooks and melodies in metalcore while still remaining a heavy album. The bands best album.


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  1. Anonymous

    Interesting list. Listening to some of those bands now. Didn't see Embodyment on the list. Often see Embrace the Eternal getting lots of love. I'm more old school and familiar with The Crucified, Vengeance Rising, The Lead, Sacrament, Deliverance, Believer, early Tourniquet and the likes. The “recent” stuff I like includes The Chariot, Norma Jean, The Devil Wears Prada and Comeback Kid. Underoath is OK, Strongarm is amazing, and recently discovered Jesus Wept. Awesome straight edge punk. Peace.


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