Messengers – Anthems

Messengers is the latest band on the Facedown Family to release music in 2010. Their debut, Anthems, might be the best album the trio of labels has put out this year. Anyone looking for old school, kick ass hardcore, this album is for you.

Right out of the gate Anthems is set apart from a lot of it’s genres peers. Both Shipwrecked and Creation hit you with a thrash hardcore sound that is reminiscent to bands like All Out War, The Crucified, and Pantera. While Domicile takes a while to kick in, it packs a punch when it does. From start to finish Anthems is one of the best true hardcore records I’ve heard in a while. The production is just gritty enough to keep it from feeling polished and overproduced and it really gives the album an old school feel. My issue is there are only 7 songs and it’s a short record but for an introduction Anthems is amazing.

Hardcore fans tired of overproduced, skinny jean metalcore, Anthems is the record for you. Fans of Pantera and All Out War will love this album. Messenger’s debut it great album. If Strike Force is the minor leagues, it won’t be long until Messengers is called up to the big leagues and have their next release on Facedown Records.


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