Your Memorial – Atonement

As I’ve stated a hundred times on this site, Facedown Records has killed it in 2010. It’s been amazing record, after amazing record this year. There last release of the year, Your Memorial’s label debut Atonement, is no different and one of the best.

Atonement is going to remind fans of Misery Signals. Instantly when the album started that’s where my brain went, and that’s a good thing. While fans of the band’s debut Seasons will probably be disappointed with the lack of complete metal onslaught, their new direction and shift in sound as been pulled off perfectly.

Endeavor For Purpose and Hope Era kick the record off with a punch. Both super intense hardcore tracks, with some killer melodic guitar riffs that take the edge off just enough. Desolation is a nice instrumental piece that bleeds right into the title track, Atonement. If the first 2 tracks didn’t remind you of Misery Signals, Atonement will. From the tom rolls on the intro, to the guitar riffs, this songs screams Misery Signals.

Surface offers a slight change of pace. The track reminds me of A Hope For Home’s latest and the clean vocals on the hook of the song are done real well. My favorite song on the album.

Production is far better then Seasons. The drums sound amazing, the guitar riffs are nice and chunky and Blake’s vocals are solid. This is hardcore done right.

Atonement doesn’t break any new ground musically but it’s done well. Your Memorial has put out a memorable album and one that should be missed. Yes, you could argue that it’s a christian Misery Signals but it’s not completely fair. While it’s derivative, it’s not a copy cat. Fans of Misery Signals, A Hope for Home, and Hands will love this album. It’s a great hardcore album.


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