Top 10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

WIth the new year, the promise of new music comes too. These are the albums I’m most excited about (that I know are coming out in the next year).

10. Emery

Emery has announced that their new album will be out in March. It’s called We Do What We Want and the title alone makes me think this might be an independent release. While I liked In Shallow Seas We Sail, I’m Only a Man was for sure Emery’s best release and I’d love to see that band head back in that direction. Either way, Emery always releases great albums with amazing lyrics.

9. Mogwai

Mogwai’s new album will drop in February. Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will should be an amazing post rock album. The Hawk is Howling was a return to form for the band and I hope they continue in that vain.

8. Face to Face

Laugh Now, Laugh has killer artwork from Corey Miller and Face to Face has always delivered great punk rock records.

7. Sixpence None the Richer

I love Leigh Nash’s vocals. She can sing me to sleep any night. Sixpence has been in studio working on a new record and anything they do is golden.

6. Living Sacrifice

Even though they unleashed their metal onslaught in 2010 with their reunion record, Living Sacrifice has posted on twitter that they’re going to try and release an album in 2011. The Infinite Order was awesome and more Living Sacrifice is not a bad thing.

5. Trenches

Trenches debut was a phenomenal ambient hardcore album. Great texture, excellent guitar works, and Jimmy Ryan’s vocals were even better then when he was in Haste the Day. It seems like they’ve been working on a follow up for 2 years. I’m excited for this release.

4. Overcome

Overcome has reformed. It’s more of a reimagining. The band used the Overcome name so they could play the old songs but Jason Stinson has moved from vocals to guitar. The demos sound good and this should be a great hardcore album.

3. Bleach

Bleach is one of my favorite Christian alternative bands and their reformation was probably the most exciting band reunion of the last couple of years. I don’t know what their new album will sound like but I’m excited.

2. Blindside

While a lot of people cooled on Blindside after A Thought Crushed My Mind, I loved Silence and About a Burning Fire. And I thought the Great Depression was a return to their old form. They’ve been off the map for a couple years and even with their social network appearance in 09 with promises of a new record, they’ve been quiet. But all systems seem to be a go on a new record coming out in March. It’s about time.

1. P.O.D.

While people might laugh at P.O.D. being number 1 on this list, I’ve been a fan of the band since they released Brown. While their post Marcos albums were mainstream flops compared to Satellite, they had great moments. Even with Marcos’ return to the band, When Angels and Serpents Dance had a hard time finding a wide audience in a post rap-rock world. I thought the album was good and Marcos has stated the band is not concerned about pleasing critics or mainstream success and is going to get back to their roots and this new album should be closer to Southtown and Satellite. I’m excited for a new P.O.D. record.


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  1. Dude, I did the same type thing on my site. We have a few of the same bands on our 2011 top ten. Definitely agree with the Living Sacrifice, Trenches, and Overcome picks. 2011 Could be unreal!

    Here's my list


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