Queens Club – Friendly

Everybody like free stuff. I am a big fan of bands who release music for free. While right before Christmas Queens Club offered a new ep for free on Facebook to anyone who would like the band. Being a big fan of Young Giant, I took the opportunity to get some more new music from Queens Club.

Friendly is 3 new songs and 2 acoustic versions of songs from Young Giant. The new songs are solid and I’m glad Queens Club released them instead of having them sit on a shelf to be b-sided one day.

While Legendary and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants are solid songs, they are missing the fun and danceability that Young Giant had. Good rock songs with a slightly dark twist. Good songs, just missing some of that great energy. Darkkstar is a high energy song that would’ve fit on Young Giant and it’s the best of the new songs on the ep.

The 2 acoustic tracks are Upstart and Less Talk. Upstart I didn’t even recognize until the chorus hit. It’s a nice new version of the song. Less Talk was my favorite song from Young Giant and hearing an acoustic version of the song only makes me like it more. While the middle section gets a little weird and is odd an acoustic setting and doesn’t flow with the rest of the song, it’s still an awesome reinvention of a great song.

A great ep and it’s new free music from Queens Club.


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