Top 10 Favorite Facedown Records Releases

I’m feeling pretty uncreative today so I’m rocking my Top 10 favorite album from Facedown Records.

10. Anchor – Ship Wrecked Life

Anchor is classic Youth Crew hardcore similar to bands like Bane and Gorilla Biscuits. Just good old fashioned punk hardcore. Ship Wrecked Life is a hardcore record that’s probably the most underrated album on Facedown Records.

9. For Today – Breaker

Even though Break is only a handful of months old, it still manages to make this list. The album came out of nowhere to made me a For Today fan. A heavy record with super catchy songs.

1. Point of Recognition – Day of Defeat

As I stated in my Top 10 hardcore records post, Day of Defeat is probably the angriest sounding of all the Christian tough guy hardcore records. Heavy, brutal, awesome!



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2 responses to “Top 10 Favorite Facedown Records Releases

  1. Nice list, I agree with most of them. “Behold the Pale Horse” by Sleeping Giant may be my all time favorite hardcore song.
    Hey what did you think of Wrench in the Works “Decrease/Increase”? Its definitely up there in my top facedown releases. I think I'd put War of Ages and Nodes of Ranvier in mine somewhere as well.


  2. Decrease/Increase has really grown on me. I didn't like it as much as Lost Art of Heaping Coal at first but over time I've really come to love that album.


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